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[TTN] TITAN Mercenary Corporation

As the paramount mercenary corporation in Olympus Entertainment's Altis life, Titan Mercenary Corporation [TTN] stands for reliability and absolute discretion in security solutions. We accept all contracts, from big to small.


In the ever-fluctuating landscape of Altis, information is power. TITAN PMC is here to equip you with the actionable intelligence you need to navigate volatile territories successfully.

Specializing in reconnaissance services, we scout specified locales — such as the Weed Processor — to ascertain the presence of hostile forces, providing you with the insight necessary to make informed decisions and secure your objectives safely and efficiently.

RP Assasinations

We Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Ambush Operations

Experience the unparalleled strategic advantage with TITAN PMC's exceptional ambush operations. Leveraging terrain mastery and stealth techniques honed in the most demanding environments, our teams execute ambushes that are as swift as they are silent. Harnessing the element of surprise to its fullest, we deploy forces in high-advantage positions, ensuring a bird’s eye view and control of the battleground, effectively trapping hostile forces in inescapable maneuvers. These carefully orchestrated operations utilize cutting-edge technology for real-time intel and communication, achieving not just superiority, but dominance in every engagement. Entrust TITAN PMC with your ambush operations, where sophistication meets brute force for outcomes that are nothing short of extraordinary.

Site Security

In a world where security is paramount, TITAN PMC stands as your steadfast guardian, ensuring the inviolability of your facilities. Our experts are trained to shield any infrastructure, fortifying them against hostile forces that threaten your peace of mind and operational integrity.

Convoy Escort

Trust in TITAN PMC’s unparalleled convoy escort services to guarantee the safety of your vital routes to Drug Dealers, Processors, etc. Our meticulously planned operations involve stationing expert operators at predetermined locations, equipped with the latest intel for real-time reconnaissance, backed by armed vehicles at critical junctures. This fortified network ensures not just a safe, but a secure pathway for your convoy, anticipating and neutralizing threats before they can reach you. Choose TITAN PMC and move forward with the confidence that comes from knowing every angle is covered, every step of the way.

Shit Talkin'

TITAN PMC provides unparalleled Shit Talkin' services. Inquire Today ! 

On Air Sign

What Our Clients Say

Jumping Off the Plane

Rasputin, Tony

TITAN PMCs helped me not get Goober'd. Totally worth the expense! 9/10
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