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"My heart's beating, my heart's beating, my hands are shaking, my hands are shaking, but I'm STILL shooting, and I'm STILL getting  headshots. It's like, BOOM, headshot, BOOM, headshot, BOOM, headshot!"

FPS Doug, Circa. 2003

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Embark on Your CS2 Adventure with [TTN] Clan!

Whether you’re booting up CS2 for the first time or dusting off your seasoned skills from the CS 1.5 era, [TTN] Clan warmly welcomes you to a robust gaming experience tailored for every player. From nostalgic trips down custom map lanes to fiercely competitive battlegrounds, we've got it all!

🗺️ Iconic and Custom Maps: Rekindle the old-school vibe with our sick mix of maps including classics like cs_iceworld, cs_pool, and an array of surf maps!

🛡️ A Haven for Competitors: For the tactically adept and competition-thirsty, our competitive regulation server is where your prowess will truly shine!

💰 Fun and Rewards: Participate in our thrilling tournaments, featuring not only electrifying matchups but also lucrative cash prizes!

On Air Sign
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Register for the CS2 Competition HERE

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Why Choose [TTN]

Robust Server Experience

[TTN] Manages multiple CS2 Servers for Your Gaming Pleasure: Sit Back and Relax on our Fun Servers or Engage in Thrilling Battles on Our Competitive Servers.

Vibrant Community

With active forums and regular community events, [TTN] offers a platform for gamers to connect, collaborate, and engage in lively discussions.

Structured Competitions

Engage in organized scrims and competitions, we offer a platform to test and showcase your skills.

**A - FUN MAPS TITAN Online Gaming Commuinity

IP: connect

Custom Maps

We play fun, laidback maps like Iceworld, Awp_india, Pool_day and much more!

Gun Game

Hop on for some gun game.

Rock The Vote!

!RTV for map vote

Friday Fights

Join us on Friday nights for wild adventures

Live Admins

24/7 Support from admins on Discord

1- Comp Server - Regulation Maps


Competitive Maps

Regulation maps only

Standard Rules

Regulation rules only

Rock The Vote!

!RTV for map vote

Cash Prizes

2v2, 3v3, 5v5

Live Admins

24/7 Support from admins on Discord

Digital art exhibit
Digital art exhibit

Join the [TTN] Clan!

Engage with our vibrant community on the forums, and take a moment to fill out an application to officially enlist in the [TTN] ranks. Alternatively, hop into our Discord for a casual chat, gaming tips, or to simply sync up with a squad ready to enjoy CS2 to its fullest.

Your gaming journey, amplified with [TTN], awaits. Let's carve out legendary CS2 moments together!

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