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" Ah, ARK: a ruthless realm where your every step is a cheerful invitation to a myriad of creatively brutal demises! One moment, you're a valiant survivor, the next—a smorgasbord for a cheeky Raptor. Here, your life expectancy flickers between daring escapades and being abruptly transformed into Dino-dinner, all while your hard-earned gear becomes a loot piñata for the next soon-to-be-snacked-upon adventurer. Ah, the unyieldly, viciously circular dance of ambitious life and abrupt, toothy death in the wild, wicked expanses of ARK! "

Embark on Your ARK:SA Adventure with [TTN] Tribe!

Embark with TITAN OGC on an adventure through the unbridled wilds and brutal warfare of ARK, catering to every survival instinct and primal war cry of both the peaceful tamer and the ruthless conqueror!


We proudly host two ARK servers (at launch) to shepherd every style of play through the treacherous landscapes of this prehistoric isle.


⚠ PVP Unleashed: Step into a world where chaotic, wicked PVP wars reign supreme! Our PVP cluster is a tumultuous battleground where tribes clash in ferocious warfare, staking their claims amidst the bloody echoes of combat and the carnage of fallen behemoths!

🗺️ Diverse Environments:  Our servers boast a blend of classic and DLC landscapes, guaranteeing adventures ranging from the joyously familiar to the daringly unknown!


🏆 Challenges and Rewards: Whether facing the wild's perils or embroiled in tribal combat, partake in epic events, where formidable challenges and legendary beasts stand between you and spectacular rewards!

In the pulsating heart of TITAN OGC, whether your path is one of peaceful cohabitation or brutal domination, your saga is penned in every roar, crash, and victory within the primal world of ARK!

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Why Choose [TTN] Tribe

Robust Server Experience

[TTN] Manages multiple cluster ARK Servers for Your Gaming Pleasure: Engage in open warfare on our PVP servers

Vibrant Community

With active forums and regular community events, [TTN] offers a platform for gamers to connect, collaborate, and engage in lively discussions.

Mod Support

As mods roll out for ARK:SA we will implement various QoL mod upgrades

1- Open-World|PVP|5X|


Full DLC Map Cluster

Our PVP server is equipped with every map cluster available

Mod Support

Mods will be supported when the workshop allows it


No Holds Barred Hectic PVP 

In-Game Shop

Visit Dirty Don's Deal Depot for all your unethical needs

Live Admins

24/7 Support from admins on Discord

Digital art exhibit
Digital art exhibit

Join the [TTN]Tribe!

Engage with our vibrant community on the forums, and take a moment to fill out an application to officially enlist in the [TTN] ranks. Alternatively, hop into our Discord for a casual chat, gaming tips, or to simply sync up with a squad ready to enjoy ARK to its fullest.

Your gaming journey, amplified with [TTN], awaits. Let's carve out legendary ARK moments together!

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